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"This show is not about me. No, this program is dedicated to you. The heroes.
And who are the heroes? The people who watch this show."

"Colbert's Heroes," launched in May 2006, is a fan site dedicated to "The Colbert Report" and its charming star, Stephen Colbert. It is a gesture of admiration for Mr. Colbert and a sign of slavish devotion to his punditry.

Truth is the founder, designer, principal writer, and maintainer of this site. Liberty and AJ are writers of episode commentaries and reviews for the site. If you're interested in joining the writing team, new writers are always welcome. Write to us.

We could tell you more about ourselves...but, honestly, do you care? Go do something more productive.

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this site is not affiliated with stephen colbert, the colbert report, comedy central, viacom networks, or anything even remotely official. Click here to contact the management with any questions or concerns.

All original content © 2006 - 2008 colbert's heroes dot org / laurie. All fan-submitted taping accounts and photographs remain the property of their contributors. All articles archived and reproduced on this site are for educational and research use by fans. To request that material be removed from the site, please send an e-mail.

...and technically, stephen, this site does not violate the restraining order.