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IGN - An Interview With Stephen Colbert (August 2003)

The Union Leader - ‘The Daily Show’ tunes in for Granite State primary (January 2004)

Child magazine - The King of Comedy (March 2004)

Entertainment Weekly - "Show" off (August 2004)

The New York Times - Covering the Convention for Laughs (August 2004)

"Fresh Air" (NPR) - Fake Newsman Stephen Colbert (January 2005)

Campus Progress - Five Minutes with Stephen Colbert (Summer 2005)

Appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman" (transcript) (September 2005)

New York Magazine - Arch Rivals (October 2005)

Time -The American Bald Ego (November 14, 2005)

"Fresh Air" (NPR) - Bluster and Satire: Stephen Colbert's 'Report' (December 2005)

The Onion A.V. Club - Interview: Stephen Colbert (January 2006)

City Arts & Lectures interview (in mp3 format) - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (January 2006)

Canadian Press Newswire - American comedian Stephen Colbert takes credit for 'fixing' Canada (January 2006)

Baristanet - Meet the First Lady of Comedy (February 2006)

Newsweek - The Truthiness Teller (February 2006)

"60 Minutes" (CBS) - Profile (April 2006)
(click here for transcript)

Charleston Post-Intelligencer - Great Charlestonian? ... Or the greatest Charlestonian? (April 2006)

Blogcritics.org - Wit vs. Humor: Why Stephen Colbert's Performance Was Masterful (May 2006)

Washington Post - Why So Defensive? (May 2006)

Palm Beach Post - Wexler falls into a comedic interviewer's trap -- and he's not laughing (July 2006)

The Toronto Star -This tops peony fest; 3,000 turn out to event in honour of TV host who bet against mayor (March 2007)

The Ottawa Citizen - Oshawa gives Colbert his day (March 2007)

The Chicago Sun-Times - Colbert in a huff over Fluff: Comedian sneers at analysis of his facial features (March 2007)

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