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Colbert Tarnation
Sunday, July 23, 2006

As some fans have learned, the Colbert Nation site has re-opened with a snazzy new design and a functioning messageboard. I'm flattered that you're mimicking me, Avery.

The message board quickly descended into troll-filled chaos, yet I can't look away.

Occasionally, there are real gems.

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Better Know a Disaster
Saturday, July 22, 2006

Congressman Robert Wexler of Florida speaks out about his experience being interviewed for "Better Know a District."

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July 17, 2006 - Episode Commentary
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Professor Lee Silver, Challenging Nature
Sleeves: French cuffs

Did someone fill the studio with nitrous oxide? Everyone is giggly tonight!
I'm afraid I couldn't hear the opening monologue this evening, as
people were laughing too loudly. However, I did manage to catch via
studio monitor Bullet's part of The Word, which I can only assume once again relates to your strange mating rituals.

Hmph. Genetic engineering. I know nothing about it, other than feeling that
anyone who thinks gr-eagles is a good idea should be taken out and shot. As
such, I'm allowing an audience member who's apparently studying the ethics
of biotechnology to talk about this.

Medicine is going against nature the bitch? By...using aspirin,
derived from trees? And 60% of land sure is cropped, but not-argh! I can
already tell Prof. Lee Silver is going to be one of those scientists who
irritate me.

So, Stephen is talking about the August 2001 approval of existing lines,
which was said would be dozens, if not more. The problem with this theory is
that in reality, the useful lines approved in that August were, by many
counts, at one dozen, if not less. Obviously, you can see the problem -
classic or not, those stem cell lines need to be, upgraded if you will.

Prof. Silver gave an absolutely god-awful analogy about the size of embryos,
talking about how small they are, and that our President believes that of
these individual embryos are a unique human life - and that if you were to
put them all in a cup and sneeze, then inhale one, you'd be guilty of

Stephen had the right question - just how often does that happen? This is
the number one problem when hard scientists attempt to address any
potentially ethical issue in medicine: they abstract out so far that the
examples are not only pointless, they're ludicrous.

Nevertheless, Stephen plays along, and asks him about the dead skin cells
from the body. Silver says it's the same thing, which leads to the common
response of "wha?" in me. I believe for Stephen, that phrase translates,
loosely, into "you're saying [if I stopped loofahing] I'd have babies on my

Silver says that he's making the converse argument, that skin cells and
embryos are the same thing - no life, just cells. This, of course, is an
incredibly simplistic argument that doesn't acknowledge things like
religion. While of course, this is part of Silver's argument, that
biotechnology and religion are at an impasse in our country, This is
definitely true and I'm not even going to try to argue it. But what Silver
is apparently missing is a humility gene of his own, that might allow he is
wrong in his idea. Instead he takes the hard science is right tact,
nevermind the fact that in this very silly interview, he even acknowledges
that things have to change as knowledge changes.

Thank you, audience member!

...and don't tell Stephen I told you, but you should see the number
of lemons I had Tad deliver to his dressing room while the show was filming!
Perhaps then he might get the hint to apologize to me for the sheer terror
of the MagnaMorphs.

G'night, everybody!

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post by Truth at 8:12 PM

July 13, 2006 - Episode Commentary
Friday, July 14, 2006

July 13th, 2006 - commentary by Liberty
Guest: Ron Suskind: The 1% Doctrine
Sleeves: French cuffs

The Hand-off

A pirate? A pirate? Great, does this mean I get upstaged by a featherin' parrot now? At least you can get them in red, white and blue... at least it crapped on him. And I guess I need to give Stephen grudging kudos for breaking Jon; it has been a while,...slacker.

Ooh, opening credits. See, there I am! And then Stephen waves me away with the flag, sigh. I fought so hard against that - I should have landed on him! At least I get to fly in your face,...

You guys are noisy tonight. Although the feed showed Jon had a much noiser audience; are you saying you like Owen Wilson better, eh? Eh? And apparently last week had the lowest TV ratings in a while. Is anyone really surprised by this? C'mon, we were on break - what else is there to watch? (Aside from So I Think You Can Dance, that is.)

The Word: Inquisition
Bullet says Joe Lieberman tongued the President - you humans have weird mating rituals. Is this how you establish rank? Whomever gets the most tongue is highest in the pack?

5) Canadian Drugs. Yes Stephen, we do need to actually say all our words. And please never throw devil horns again - you're scaring me, and there's nowhere to run.
4) Fake sperm. Look, if you're not going to continually sell Formula 401, what do you expect?
3) Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is not the threat here - you combining your Chris Tucker impression with throwing devil horns is.
2) Rogue waves. Who cares if the plankton greet us as liberators, the plankton mean more food for the things salmon eat - which means more salmon for me. Yeah!
1) Stephen! Stephen! You promised to never show me MagnaMorphs again! The be-eagle/gr-eagle scares me, Stephen! YOU PROMISED!

I don't care about Ron Suskind! I'm leaving! I'm going outside and I'm not coming back in until you apologize or you leave!

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Site recommendation
Wednesday, July 5, 2006

#1 threat to America - FAN SITES.


post by Truth at 2:24 PM

New section
Monday, July 3, 2006

To keep fans entertained during the holiday weekend and break from new shows, the Interviews page opens with a modest assortment of interviews dating back to 2003. More to follow.


post by Truth at 2:19 PM

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